Develop a Digital Key app using SDK

Onboard user

The enrollment provides the Digital Key platform with the user ID and cryptographic data. The platform will use this data to verify signed requests from this combination of user ID and device.

endorseMembershipWithAccessToken(idToken, accessToken)

Onboard vehicle

register(deviceId, org, vin)connect(assetAccessId)
command(connectionName, action, callback)
endorseByPhoneNr(phone, vin, type)completeTask(taskId, success?)revokePersona(personaId)

Get data


The result

The Vouch Digital Key SDK allows developers to build their own secure digital key applications for cars, homes, hotels, or pretty much anything. The underlying concepts are simple; it works by establishing associations between users and assets on the blockchain.

As a general overview,

  • User and Asset entities are associated in the form of Personas.
  • When a Persona is established, the User and Asset are associated with an Asset Device and a User Device, respectively. This data graph materializes into an Asset Access.
  • A User who has an active Persona over an Asset can then connect to the Asset Device.



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